Worth The Investment

We recently polled our teaching staff and asked them to tell us what they were most proud of regarding their school. In no particular order, here were some of their top answers:

  • Freedom to fuse Biblical principles with our curriculum as well as opportunities to pray with students and families
  • Fully accredited school with qualified, caring teachers and staff
  • Through our teachers and Learning Resource Program we work hard to accommodate the diverse needs of our students
  • Our Mission 25:40 Program in which our school serves and reaches our local community and the world through various organizations
  • Expanding variety of extracurricular academic, fine arts, after-school and sports opportunities for our students
  • The great support, facilities, and weekly chapels provided by First Assembly of God
  • Award winning students in state and local competitions
  • Parents who volunteer and are involved in their child’s education
  • Always striving to improve our teaching, technology integration, and school programs
  • Provide a family atmosphere where students love to learn

 Honorable Mentions:

  • New 1:1 iPad Program
  • New technology grant for upgrades in PK-5th technology
  • Archery started in 2016, as well as other sports opportunities
  • Honors classes in middle school
  • Eighth grade missions trips since 1991
  • National Junior Honor Society and National Elementary Honor Society
  • Accelerated Reader, STAR Reader, Accelerated Math and STAR Math
  • Teamwork/collaboration among our teachers and the staff of First Assembly of God
  • Student-led Bible Clubs in Middle School
  • Growing preschool integrating faith with child development
  • 24/7 Online access to grades and information – Renweb
  • Social media updates: School website, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter
  • Leadership of administration and School Board