Standout Students 2019


Congratulations to those who scored in the 90th percentile or above on the total score, national percentile score of the 2019 Iowa Assessments Standardized Tests. (The national percentile ranks for students in grades K through 8th grade). This is the twelfth year of our club – 17 members this year! These students scored in the top 90% or better NATIONALLY compared to students who took the Iowa Assessments Standardized Tests at their grade level in the total score category:

  • Ashley Beal
  • Enzo DeCicco
  • Porter Doubley
  • Ladayne Singh
  • Ethan Smith
  • Baylie Davis
  • Landon Tinklepaugh
  • Joshua Zeferino
  • Lorena Lima Lugo
  • Delriyah Pinder
  • Ryan Carroll
  • Braelyn Davis
  • Lucas Wigginton
  • David Arthur
  • Gabriella Pereira
  • Bailey Erp
  • Jackson Miller