Jordan Sadler Scholarship

From Mrs. Lisa Sadler, mother of Jordan Sadler (FMCS Class of 2010): We are honored to announce that we’ve just established in Jordan’s memory a fund to help support the 8th Grade Missions Trip that Fort Myers Christian School takes annually to an impoverished area of the world. Jordan spent most of his school years at FMCS, loved the school, and loved his time of ministry on the missions trip. I always knew that Jordan had a heart for the “least of these” as I would notice as he was growing up that he often observed and noticed needs that others might overlook. But it was on the 8th Grade Missions Trip to Corpus Christi that I really saw in action Jordan’s tender heart towards those in need. Jordan loved helping and feeding the homeless and also enjoyed his time of ministry to children as a clown.

As many of you know, the 4 year marker date for losing Jordan, along with his two best friends Jon and Joe, is tomorrow, June 14. In honor of Jordan, we are asking those who feel led to do so, to do an act of kindness in his memory. Jordan was such a kind, gentle soul, and had a heart to help those in need—whether it be a homeless man on a street corner, a friend needing lunch money, or even ministering to those he played online games with. He often came to me to pray together for needs he was aware of, and if he could do something to help, he did so. The act of kindness you do in his memory can be as simple as an encouraging word to someone or it can be something tangible that you do.

For those of you looking for a way to do an act of kindness, if you’d like, you can make a tax-deductible donation to The Jordan Sadler Fund for the 8th Grade Missions Trip at FMCS,  CLICK HERE

Eighth graders at FMCS have taken a missions trip since 1991. More recently they have traveled to El Salvador. I was honored to be an adult sponsor on two of the trips—first with Christian to Juarez, Mexico, and then with Jordan to Corpus Christi, Texas. I saw firsthand the impact these trips have on the people the kids minister to, as well as the kids themselves. I know Jordan would be so happy that support was being given to this vital FMCS ministry.

Whatever act of kindness you may do in Jordan’s memory, please share it with us as it will so encourage us as our missing him feels even more magnified on these marker dates. We love knowing that our boy’s sweet spirit continues to inspire!